Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Soon Coming War

December 1, 2016

The Soon Coming War.

Yup...The Mid East...again.

Have you ever wondered WHY Israel? Think about it for a moment. Here is this small country, the size of New Jersey, that every time a building gets built or they try to be as normal as any other nation, the world media goes apoplectic over it.

As comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to say "What's the deal?!!!"

If you pull up any of the "Israeli News sites" you will find story after story of Palestinians attacking civilians. Other state actors like Hezbolla up north in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza area, and a cauldron of others who continually spring up with the express purpose to attack Israel, and kill Jews.

So, lets set the record straight. I'm not Jewish. Im Scotch Irish and as Gentile as they come. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, get my point.

So this land, Israel was one of the most important in world history. A couple thousand years ago, the God of the universe, created a people for Himself. They are called the Jews, or Hebrews, however you want to call it, the fact remains. These people were given a land in perpetuity, this small land we call Israel. Ok, so the nation of Israel rejected God and God kicked them out, scattered them all over the world, and promised to forgive them and in the latter days bring them back.

That happened in 1948.

From 1948 onward, the land of Israel went from a dusty rock filled swampy desolate place, to now a vibrant farming area. With water being as scarce as it is in that area, Israel leads the world in drip irrigation technology. Israel also is a world leader in technology. You have to admit a certain jealousy over the success of this Jewish nation. I wish our nation were as focused and prosperous as Israel.

Their advances in technology became life saving when the Palestinanians fired more than 4,000 rockets at civilians during July and August of 2014.  Israels Iron Dome anti-missile system performed admirably, protecting the locals much to the Arabs dismay. 

So, with this Iron Dome system, increased food production, Jews moving in from all over the world, Israel should be sitting pretty and safe right? They wish, and Bible believing Christians also wish, but it is not so Im afraid.

The battle lines were drawn in the Garden of Eden. The chief architect of rebellion, Satan, has his sights on opposing God at every opportunity. The main focus of Satan's wrath is the Jew.

Let's use another analogy from the Seinfeld Show. One of the characters George Castanza, was having rotten luck with work and relationships. So he decided to "do the opposite", lo and worked!

Just do the opposite.

That's Satan's game plan in a nut shell.

God authors peace and truth. Satan spawns confusion, deception and lies.

God blesses marriage between man and woman. Do the opposite...same sex marriage.

Do you want to live a peaceful life and raise kids to follow the Lord? Make it exceedingly difficult. Use the media to promote everything against God at every opportunity. Promote the dark forces, make the good seem evil and the evil seem good. In other words, do the opposite.

Here's one that we can relate to; Celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (you know Christmas?)...Satans plan? Turn it into a massive commercialized month long spending spree, void of Christ, full of Santa.

And so on and so get the picture.

So, here we are in the year 2016. Israel has been back in the land for almost 70 years. The heat is now turning up in the Middle East.

Syria is the new Iraq/Lybia/Afghanistan.

The estimates on Syrian loss of life is about a quarter of a million killed. This country is ruled by Bashar Al-Assad. His rule is characterized as brutally murderous. He doesn't care how many die, just as long as he is in power. 

So Assad asks for some help. The Iranians are more than glad to help, especially if it means killing Sunni's or gearing up to destroy Israel. Assad gives right of way to Iran when it comes to weapons storage and transit towards Lebanon, where the de facto anti Israel army Hezbolla is in control.

Israel is now covertly attacking weapons depots and weapons shipments in Syria.

Assad also asked Russia for help. This is the 800lb gorilla in the room. It looks like Russia has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to keep Assad in power. They have been given total access to the port in Latakia and free reign of airspace.

What do you think would be Putins motivation for helping Assad? After all there has to be SOMETHING, right?

A few days later Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said The Golan will remain a part of Israel forever.  

Ok so other than the Golan being militarily very, very important to the national security of Israel, what else is there?

Now we know what's at stake.

Next up we will look at what the Bible has to say about this very time...its important and most likely you will see it come to fruition...soon, very soon.

Lord willing, see you tomorrow.



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