Friday, December 9, 2016

In A Nation Of Special People, A Few Stand Out

December 9, 2016

In A Nation Of Special People, A Few Stand Out

If we all strived to live our lives to the fullest, like John Glenn, our world would be radically different.

You will be missed sir. It is my deepest hope that you have at some point placed your trust and faith in Jesus Christ, because I would surely like to  talk with you on the other side.

Some others, 'think' they have the 'right stuff'.

Of Course They Think They Are Smart

How many times have we seen this? Someone makes a few good movies, or designs something that is widely used by almost all, and now they are an expert on everything that comes down the pike.

Of course it seems that the more money you have the greater the acceptability of your ideas are. Whether good or bad.

Lets look at Bill Gates as an example.

Gates designed the operating system for computers back in the 70's, and started a company called Microsoft. Plain and simple this company has been at the forefront of computing software ever since. They are loved and hated by all. If you know anything about computers, you know that a Microsoft Windows operating system need regular and hugely bloated updates. If you have ever had a child want to purchase a game online for their XBox, you know the challenges ahead for something as simple as a purchase. Microsoft make the simple, tedious....kind of like the Federal Government. Ok, enough of that.

Now, with Mr. Gates huge supply of money and fame comes plans to intrude into all of our lives.

Some of his ideas? A One World Government.

A One World Government...hmm sounds vaguely familiar. Like the call for a cashless economy.

President Obama recently gave a speech at the UN and although not saying a One World Government is called for he does state that the US should stand down so to speak. See it for yourself.

You know, Bill Gates is just one of the many millions of liberals in this nation, and world. So what do the other liberals think?

I first saw this one a few days ago and thought it was pretty telling. I have since seen other videos by this guy and , well, the liberal snowflake mind is...just a wasted space.

Check out this You Tube video   

It continues. Hillary Clinton gave a speech yesterday in front of her Congress-critter friends. She is blaming the "Fake News" sites for her demise, and is calling for immediate action against these democracy destroyers

Don't fret it's only 36 seconds long

Can you tell its going to be a painful four years for the liberal.

On A Sad Note

A Marine Corps pilot whose F/A-18 crashed into the Pacific Ocean has been confirmed dead, a US official said Thursday.
Japanese rescuers earlier said they had found the missing pilot, whose plane crashed off the coast of Japan on Wednesday, but they would not say if he was alive.
Marine Corps spokeswoman Captain Sarah Burns said the pilot had been 'pronounced deceased,' and she identified him as Captain Jake Frederick.

RIP Capt Frederick

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