Sunday, December 18, 2016

The World Liberals Weep

December 18, 2016

The Worlds Liberals Weep

(Newser) – "I was not raised in America, but I was raised in the American century," Lisa Pryor writes in the New York Times. "I am not yet ready to say goodbye." In a piece titled "Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down?" the Australian doctor and author talks about how people around the world see the election of Donald Trump as a massive acceleration in the decline of the US—a decline they mourn. "I have embarrassment of grief for a government that is not mine and for a country that does not belong to me," writes Pryor, who says she's cried multiple times since the election. "It feels as if we're mourning the death of an idea called America."
That idea is one the rest of the world learned to appreciate from afar through pop culture, Pryor says. They learned about the West Wing from The West Wing, Air Force One from Air Force One, and the Pledge of Allegiance from Kindergarten Cop. "America gave us a poetry of democracy that was grand and uplifting, which we were too reserved and sarcastic to speak for ourselves," she writes. But that's been changing for a while now, and Trump—with his incitement of China, disregard for climate change, and friendship with Vladimir Putin—only cements that change. Now it might be time for places like Australia to take the lead. "Perhaps we could even offer you a different model of democracy, the way you once offered one to us," Pryor writes. Read the full piece here.

Ahhh lets offer a solemn moment for this befuddled Aussie. This person who admittedly wasn't raised in America, gets her ideas about America from Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood, that bastion of truth and liberty where their own crimes are swept under the rug, because...they are too important to fail, right? Where our entertainment gods grace the silver screen, acting a script and infecting the minds of the world at large.

So, who do we get our morality from? Matt Damon? Who is the Jason Bourne character that kills at will, and who in real life laments the private ownership of guns and spouts a uber liberal political philosophy.

Yes, Hollywood, a place where your budding career is toast of you claim a conservative belief. There is no Freedom of Speech in Hollywood, no equal rights for all. You either believe and live a liberal lifestyle or you're gone.

Yes, that's the America this Australian laments. A fictional scripted place where living the dream is only for a few.

The rest us of have bills to pay...crappy jobs and crappy bosses. We live here. We see the rot of homelessness, we hear about Obamas Hope and Change, and watch as our liberal political and entertainment gods jet around the globe, vacationing and lecturing others on global climate change and spending millions while we minions struggle to make ends meet.

This is the America you ignore, or aren't being told about by your Hollywood gods Ms. Aussie.

Yes Ms. Aussie, we voted for Trump.

We stand with him as he takes a phone call from the president of Taiwan. If that angers China, tough.

We stand with him when he doesn't take the gloabalist bait over Russia. This doesn't mean we're buddy just means we don't owe the Saudis or the Qataris or you Aussies anything. 

You are assuming that Americans are like our European ancestors. We are not.

We rebelled, we declared our Independence and built our nation around that. However we have lost our way. We have allowed liberals and their whining to infect our nation and our government. We have mistakenly not viewed liberalism as it truly is, a sickness and malaise, a mental disease.

However, like the prodigal son that Jesus taught about, we are being given another chance, another opportunity to do what's right, and not just get along just to get along.

This is our America Ms Aussie.

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