Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Can We Learn From History?

I don't think there is more on point quote than this by James Madison. Its as if he and the other founders had a look into the future....our future.

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” 

Whats coming? The evil Republicans and their war on everyone. This is what has been played to on all the media, at least until this past week.

How bad will it get? Real bad.

Lets start with cuts to govt programs.   Especially the Food Stamp program 

According to the above article over 47 million people get some or ALL their food from this program. When that gravy train stops, there will be some ticked off people. The Govt sees the implications. See the connection now between DHS and large ammo purchases? 

Our money (the dollar) is another facet where we are more than vulnerable. We keep on printing and printing. I'm not a financial wizard, but this cannot be good.

The point of all this is to say...stock up. Prep and prepare are the orders of the day. Examine your food supplies. Can you go a month without any resupply? I would think that any crisis that lasts more than a month, will end up with bullets flying. 

Take inventory now.  If you haven;t done this, start with a small list and work with it weekly.

Prep and Prepare.



Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Speech...Good Or Evil?

I was goofing off today, as my knee screamed for ice. Yeah I tore up my knee when I first started my current truck driving job, and short of surgery I have to chew Ranger Candy (ibuprofen and stronger) and basically manage my physical movements on days like today. I called in and am now sitting here under an ice pack.

So, Im reading an article about the US Military/Pentagon making the rounds through some blogs,. but mainly through the very liberal press.

If you'd like to see the article in question, click on Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’

I cant honestly say much about the military issue, as I only have information from a liberal/progressive paper. I did look around their website for a bit. Seems they, The Long Island something or other, is just a rag in my opinion. 

This newspaper goes so far as to plant the seed in peoples minds to "nullify a jury." You see this papers stance is that blacks are unfairly being locked up. I guess that for life to be equal, we need to have equal representation in prisons.  The article Hang The Jury shares this;

"A cursory review of prison statistics illustrates the nightmare that is African Americans’ experience with our criminal “justice” system. There are currently more than 7 million Americans caught up at some point in the prison system between probation, incarceration and parole.

Incredibly, 40 percent of our prisoners are black even though African Americans comprise only 13 percent of the total U.S. population. I live in a state where that number is closer to 50 percent. All told, America has 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population despite only having 5 percent of the world’s population. This makes the sheer number of blacks in the prison system today even more overwhelming.

If you think there’s something wrong with this picture, continue reading, as there’s something that you can do about it. If you think this is because black people commit crime at a higher rate than white people do, then there’s a special place for you in hell or, worse, Congress."

Yeah...and through the 1st Amendment, they can print and spew this crap to their hearts content. So, is this spin to further the gulf between black and white relations? To a certain degree, I believe it is. The left/progressives spoil for fights...especially with white conservatives. The more they can get us to fight and defend each other, the more time they have to foster their agenda.

I believe that in the future, more than likely near future. We will start to see more and more physical attacks against non-muslims.

There is plenty to write about regarding this newspaper. Stay tuned to this blog for more.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two Things Today

Houston police said a home invasion suspect ended up hospitalized when he and his cohorts forced a resident into the closet where he kept his gun.

Click on the link for the rest of the story..I love a good ending!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey Associated Press Reporters...Hows That 1st Amendment Guarantee Working Out For You?

To ALL reporters, I so want to say "I told you so!" But you know its not polite, ahhh screw politeness...

You guys have sucked Obamas lower lip and mewed in his ear every time he's around. Each and every legitimate issue with his administration, is ignored by you. It seems you fall over yourselves to be in his grace, that you IGNORE whats happening to the OTHER 300 million regular people in this country.

Please review your sources for;

1. The correct unemployment figures

2. The true costs and perils of Obamacare

3. Past thefts of funds from the early administration years regarding the auto industry and their preferred stocks.

4. The murder of our Ambassador to Libya and three others patriots.

5. The FBI's gathering phone records on you, and others.

Anything missing? Yeah I know....tons.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe ONE mainstream news organization will FINALLY  get caught doing an act of journalism?

Somehow your track record over the past four years leaves me in doubt.

Keep this in mind, Dancing with the devil only lasts as long as the devil wants it too.

Your time is lets see you start doing your job. There are 300 million folks waiting.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marylands 1st Annual Gun Turn-in Weekend....Stupid Is As Stupid Does

What an event! I suspect that the Democrat controlled government in Maryland were close to wetting their panties over this. did it turn out?

7 rifles, pistols and shotties...that's it. 7 guns from 20+ counties. On a much sadder note. Amongst the 7 looked to be a chromed Colt Python, a nice looking Rem 870 and possibly a Rem 760 pump rifle. 

I guess this is making some people sleep better at night, knowing now that those evil guns wont lurch out of the closet and start shooting folks.

Here is the news report;

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Marylanders turning in unwanted guns. Attorney General Doug Gansler sponsored his first “Gun Turn-In Day.”

As Tim Williams reports, this is an event separate from the gun control debate.
It’s an effort to get unused and unwanted guns off the streets.

“It’s amnesty, so there’s no questions asked. We’re just asking participants to turn in the guns,” said Golden Ring Barrack Assistant Commander Det. Sgt. Sonya Clark.

Participants in this turn-in program dropped off their guns at the Golden Ring Barrack of the Maryland State Police. Golden Ring is one of more than two dozen locations around the state—one in each county and Baltimore City.

“We run the serial numbers through [NCIC] just to verify that they were not stolen or that they [weren't] used in the commission of a crime,” Clark said.

And then the guns are destroyed.

The program is sponsored by Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.
“The criticism always is that criminals aren’t going to return their guns. Well, that’s probably right but there are a lot of people who have guns that don’t want them in their houses,” Gansler said.

It is the inaugural year for the statewide event, an event separate from the gun control debate.
“This is outside the scope of the Second Amendment—good guns, bad guns, who should have guns or who shouldn’t. This is a voluntary program for folks who just wanna get rid of their guns in a safe way, get them out of the house and let the police deal with them,” Gansler said.

The attorney general stresses that no identification is required to turn in a firearm.
Gansler plans to hold the event each year.

Link to the story

Patriot Dawn, The Resistance Rises....A Book Review

I got my copy of Patriot Dawn from the author, Max Velocity. I've read a number of apocalyptic genre books, I sould rephrase that, I devour the genre. Either in book or movie form.

Why, you might ask? Its simple, I believe its gonna happen. Maybe not exactly like Pournelle and Nivens Lucifer's Hammer or Stewart's Earth Abides or even my as of yet uncompleted For the Greater Good

I have been blessed or cursed as some would say with the unshakeable feeling that our country will not last much longer in its present form. So based on my bias Id like to recommend Patriot Dawn, for your study and library. 

The work starts out with introduction ripped out of today's headlines. Funny and scary how our "near future" visions tend to end up being today's news headlines. 

I'll use the acronym PD for Patriot Dawn if you dont mind. PD centers around the character Jack Berenger, former Army Ranger Capt, and how he protects his family while moving around the post collapse war between the Resistance and the Regime.

PD is not authored by someone who "hasn't been there or done that", no, Max Velocity is a guy who has done it...and that is not only very apparent by the content of the piece. So, if you would take the 'easy read' part out of the equation and insert 'military tactics' in its place you would have a better understanding of the story Max is telling.

This is an excellent book on tactics, and field administration and logistics for the resistance fighter. It is also a eye opening dose of what the near future battlefield will look like from a resistance fighters point of view. The crap we value today; what caliber, what make rifle/scope, how many rounds stored is enough etc etc...isnt going to mean squat when Mr Regime targets you using FLIR and an Apache helo.

How do you win against something like this? How can you protect your family?

Its made me look at my Viet Nam era past in a different light.

Get the it...slowly. Chew on what Max is teaching. It will make you better for it. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Snippets Of A Violent Future...for us

Im not against cops...not at all. I AM against cops who bash in a guys skull for being drunk. I see brown shirts on these guys in the future. If this doesn't piss you off, you aren't paying attention....

Dad who died during arrest 'begged for his life'; witness videos seized

BY LAURA LIERA AND JASON KOTOWSKI Californian staff writers;
Blood stains are still visible on the sidewalk at the corner of Flower Street and Palm Drive, where a Bakersfield man struggled with as many as nine officers and later died this week.

David Sal Silva, 33 and the father of four young children, died early Wednesday morning after deputies say he fought with them and CHP officers who'd responded to a report of a possibly intoxicated man outside Kern Medical Center.

Related Photos

Chris Silva speaks about his brother David Silva, 33, who died while being arrested by Kern County Sheriff's Deputies early Wednesday morning. The incident happened across from Kern Medical Center at the corner of Flower Street and Palm Drive. Family members are questioning how David Silva died.

Ruben Ceballos, 19, who lives a few houses from where David Silva and the KCSD had an encounter resulting in the death of Silva early Wednesday morning, said he was a witness to the incident.

Family members of David Silva speak to area residents at Flower Street and Palm Drive concerning an incident between Silva and the Kern County Sheriff's Department that ended early Wednesday morning with the death of Silva. A memorial of flowers and candles has been set up near where Silva died.

The Kern County Sheriff's Office says Silva resisted, a canine was deployed, more law enforcement arrived, batons were used and the man later had trouble breathing. He was taken to KMC, where he died. An autopsy was slated for Thursday, but no results have been released.

Some witnesses apparently took cellphone video of the incident but deputies moved quickly to seize the phones. The Sheriff's Office, after releasing a statement Wednesday and naming its officers Thursday, declined all further comment.

People who say they witnessed the incident as well as Silva's family members described a scene in which deputies essentially were beating a helpless man to death. They were indignant that cellphone video had been taken away by deputies.

"My brother spent the last eight minutes of his life pleading, begging for his life," said Christopher Silva, 31, brother of the dead man. He said he's talked to witnesses but did not see the incident himself.

At about midnight, Ruben Ceballos, 19,was awakened by screams and loud banging noises outside his home. He said he ran to the left side of his house to find out who was causing the ruckus.

"When I got outside I saw two officers beating a man with batons and they were hitting his head so every time they would swing, I could hear the blows to his head," Ceballos said.

Silva was on the ground screaming for help, but officers continued to beat him, Ceballos said.
After several minutes, Ceballos said, Silva stopped screaming and was no longer responsive.

"His body was just lying on the street and before the ambulance arrived one of the officers performed CPR on him and another one used a flashlight on his eyes but I'm sure he was already dead," Ceballos said.
Other relatives demanded to know more.

David Silva's mother, Merri Silva, 54, said, "If I don't do anything about my son's death then it will just be pushed to the side and I don't want this to happen to another person."

Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said a KMC security officer called deputies at about 11:55 p.m. Tuesday to report that there was a man in the area who was possibly intoxicated. A deputy with a canine found Silva at the southeast corner of the intersection and contacted him. It was then that Silva resisted and fought the deputy while the deputy tried to take him into custody, Pruitt said. More deputies and two California High Patrol officers arrived to help, Pruitt said.

Asked to respond to the family and witness allegations, Pruitt said no one from the Sheriff's Office will comment or release information regarding the case until the investigation is over.

The office did identify the officers involved in the arrest as Sgt. Douglas Sword and deputies Ryan Greer, Tanner Miller, Jeffrey Kelly, Luis Almanza, Brian Brock and David Stephens.

The CHP hasn't released the names of its officers at the scene.

On Thursday afternoon, Christopher Silva said the family had not yet been able to see his brother's body, but had learned about different witnesses who had taken video footage of the incident.
"The true evidence is in those phones witnesses have that apparently the sheriff deputies already took," Silva said. "But I know the truth will come out and my brother's voice will be heard."

John Tello, a criminal law attorney, is representing two witnesses who took video footage and five other witnesses to the incident. He said his clients are still shaken by what they saw.

"When I arrived to the home of one of the witnesses that had video footage, she was with her family sitting down on the couch, surrounded by three deputies," Tello said.

Tello said the witness was not allowed to go anywhere with her phone and was being quarantined inside her home.

When Tello tried to talk to the witness in private and with the phone, one of the deputies stopped him and told him he couldn't take the phone anywhere because it was evidence to the investigation, the attorney said.
"This was not a crime scene where the evidence was going to be destroyed," Tello said. "These were concerned citizens who were basically doing a civic duty of preserving the evidence, not destroying it as they (sheriff deputies) tried to make it seem."

A search warrant wasn't presented to either of the witnesses until after Tello arrived, he said, adding that one phone was seized before the warrant was produced.

Tello said the phone of the first witness was taken after the deputies told him he was either going to give up the phone the easy way or the hard way.

"They basically told him they were either going to keep him at this house all night until they could find a judge to sign a search warrant or he could just turn over his phone," he said.

The witness gave up his phone two hours before he had to get to work and was told by deputies that he could collect his phone the next day after they had extracted the evidence they needed, Tello said.
However, the witness never got his phone back, Tello said, and was told it could take years before he does because the investigation could take a long time.

"My main concern is that these witnesses are not harassed by deputies because this case can make others who see crimes happening not want to speak up because of the way law enforcement handles situations," Tello said.

Local defense attorney Kyle J. Humphrey said, generally speaking, he believes law enforcement can seize cellphones or cameras at the scene under the theory that they've captured evidence of a crime. Because of the digital nature of the evidence, they could argue that it's urgent they immediately take the cameras.
"It's one of those murky areas that's come about by the existence of modern technology," said Humphrey, who is not involved in this case.

He said he thinks law enforcement officers would first ask for the person to voluntarily hand over the evidence, but they could just seize it and hold it until they get a court order to search it.

Silva left behind four children, ranging from ages 2 to 10 years old. As of Thursday afternoon, his mother said, they hadn't figured out how to tell the children their father is dead. Merri Silva remembers her son as a happy person who loved his kids.

"We're all hurt and it's not something that I can comprehend and in part (it's) because I feel that it still hasn't hit me that he is gone," the mother said.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lets Choose Sides

Many years ago, when I was young, the neighborhood kids would gather together and play sandlot baseball. We would start by choosing know who would go first and who would be chosen last. Same thing is happening today...although the teams are different. The effect is still the same.

I snapped this image on the Bronx Queens Expressway in NYC last week

and then this article from another blog.

Sheriff Bradshaw in Florida, courtesy of 

The Sides Are Threefold

1. The government and the Progressive/Socialists

2. The Patriot citizenry who oppose the above group

3. The vast masses of uninformed. Can be referred to as Sheeple or the DGI's (do not get it)I personally dont care for these terms, as some in my own family are firmly ensconced here. I think about this every day.

There will come a time when you will have to choose. Even though you think this might be a duh kind of a statement, think about how many people you come in to contact with every day that dont fit into category 1 or 2.

Those folks are easy to identify. Just ask them about anything political, or anything related to our nation...and you'll get some clues. Now that being said, dont think that a conservative or Pro 2A comment will put them in one camp or another. The mere threat by the Gov folks will cower many into their camp...whether they like it or not.

I would think that coming from one camp to another would cause a degree of distrust, due to the possibility of spying or collaborating.

Door to door contact by those "governing" folks that buy into their plan, will give the Gov plenty of 2am nuts to butts knock knock leads.

Two Stories Worth Reading

Boston Reaction Creates More Fear

The act of terror in Boston reopened wounds in the American psyche. Unlike the 9/11 attacks, however, when we almost immediately knew the culprits, there was nothing but rampant speculation in the media, with each network competing to get a more spectacular — and increasingly irresponsible — angle on the bomber’s identity.
The result was less coverage about the victims and more fear-inducing “analysis,” creating jitters in an already skittish public. And that is anything but helpful.
Honest to God, this was the opening paragraph of an L.A. Times article:
“In response to the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the Los Angeles police Department said there would be an increased security presence at and around Dodger Stadium on Monday night.”
Good news for all the boys in blue fans. Because clearly Dodger Stadium ranked No. 1 as the follow-up target for a mad bomber 3,000 miles away.

Americans Take Terrorism in Stride

Monday, 29 Apr 2013 09:34 AM
By Scott Rasmussen
The news from Boston over the past couple of weeks has been the stuff of nightmares.
Homemade bombs killing and injuring innocent people at a high-profile public event were followed by a massive manhunt. People in the surrounding suburbs were ordered to stay inside, businesses closed, and SWAT teams overwhelmed a typically quiet community. The Boston police commissioner warned everyone: "We believe this is a terrorist. We believe this is a man that's come here to kill people."
When it was over, two out of three voters believed the bombing suspects received support, encouragement, and training from terrorist organizations.
One of the more amazing aspects of the story, however, has been the measured reaction of the American people. There was appropriate shock, grief, and concern as

The rest of the story

Make no mistake about it. The day is coming, maybe not for a year or two, but as surely as the sun rises, there will come a day when everything has changed. Never to return to an Andy Of Mayberry type of simplicity.

That day will catch many completely by surprise. For the Gov and the Patriot it wont be a surprise, just a turning of the page to the next chapter.