Sunday, May 12, 2013

Patriot Dawn, The Resistance Rises....A Book Review

I got my copy of Patriot Dawn from the author, Max Velocity. I've read a number of apocalyptic genre books, I sould rephrase that, I devour the genre. Either in book or movie form.

Why, you might ask? Its simple, I believe its gonna happen. Maybe not exactly like Pournelle and Nivens Lucifer's Hammer or Stewart's Earth Abides or even my as of yet uncompleted For the Greater Good

I have been blessed or cursed as some would say with the unshakeable feeling that our country will not last much longer in its present form. So based on my bias Id like to recommend Patriot Dawn, for your study and library. 

The work starts out with introduction ripped out of today's headlines. Funny and scary how our "near future" visions tend to end up being today's news headlines. 

I'll use the acronym PD for Patriot Dawn if you dont mind. PD centers around the character Jack Berenger, former Army Ranger Capt, and how he protects his family while moving around the post collapse war between the Resistance and the Regime.

PD is not authored by someone who "hasn't been there or done that", no, Max Velocity is a guy who has done it...and that is not only very apparent by the content of the piece. So, if you would take the 'easy read' part out of the equation and insert 'military tactics' in its place you would have a better understanding of the story Max is telling.

This is an excellent book on tactics, and field administration and logistics for the resistance fighter. It is also a eye opening dose of what the near future battlefield will look like from a resistance fighters point of view. The crap we value today; what caliber, what make rifle/scope, how many rounds stored is enough etc etc...isnt going to mean squat when Mr Regime targets you using FLIR and an Apache helo.

How do you win against something like this? How can you protect your family?

Its made me look at my Viet Nam era past in a different light.

Get the it...slowly. Chew on what Max is teaching. It will make you better for it. 

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