Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marylands 1st Annual Gun Turn-in Weekend....Stupid Is As Stupid Does

What an event! I suspect that the Democrat controlled government in Maryland were close to wetting their panties over this. did it turn out?

7 rifles, pistols and shotties...that's it. 7 guns from 20+ counties. On a much sadder note. Amongst the 7 looked to be a chromed Colt Python, a nice looking Rem 870 and possibly a Rem 760 pump rifle. 

I guess this is making some people sleep better at night, knowing now that those evil guns wont lurch out of the closet and start shooting folks.

Here is the news report;

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Marylanders turning in unwanted guns. Attorney General Doug Gansler sponsored his first “Gun Turn-In Day.”

As Tim Williams reports, this is an event separate from the gun control debate.
It’s an effort to get unused and unwanted guns off the streets.

“It’s amnesty, so there’s no questions asked. We’re just asking participants to turn in the guns,” said Golden Ring Barrack Assistant Commander Det. Sgt. Sonya Clark.

Participants in this turn-in program dropped off their guns at the Golden Ring Barrack of the Maryland State Police. Golden Ring is one of more than two dozen locations around the state—one in each county and Baltimore City.

“We run the serial numbers through [NCIC] just to verify that they were not stolen or that they [weren't] used in the commission of a crime,” Clark said.

And then the guns are destroyed.

The program is sponsored by Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.
“The criticism always is that criminals aren’t going to return their guns. Well, that’s probably right but there are a lot of people who have guns that don’t want them in their houses,” Gansler said.

It is the inaugural year for the statewide event, an event separate from the gun control debate.
“This is outside the scope of the Second Amendment—good guns, bad guns, who should have guns or who shouldn’t. This is a voluntary program for folks who just wanna get rid of their guns in a safe way, get them out of the house and let the police deal with them,” Gansler said.

The attorney general stresses that no identification is required to turn in a firearm.
Gansler plans to hold the event each year.

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