Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back In 1969? Deja Vu All Over Again

January 19, 2017

Back In 1969?  Deja Vu All Over Again

Yesterday I was heading to Herndon Virginia to make a delivery. If you don't know, I am a truck driver by trade, and my main money comes from hauling HazMat chemicals. So, Im more than familiar with safety, regulations and yes the immense costs of running a truck on a day by day basis.

So as Im heading down I-95 I run alongside a Humvee convoy.

As I pulled alongside, I noticed a few things. First they were all packed with soldiers, secondly they were from a barracks near my home, which is home to Military Police. So, to extrapolate, these guys are headed down to Washington DC and the Presidential Inauguration.

Right now I get the distinct feeling that our nations polarization is greater than in any time of our history. The liberal progressive socialist left is running headlong away from the norms of conservative society. Now that statement is subjective, depending on what side of the fence you sit.

Lets look at one example. This is a blog by Shani Silver. The story is titled;

Stop Asking What The Women’s March Is “About”

Stop asking what it’s about. Stop asking what I think it will accomplish. Stop trying to undermine a gathering of women by belittling them with questions you’d never ask a man. Stop thinking women have to explain their actions to you, rather than acknowledging you know full well what it’s about. Maybe you don’t.

I march because I’m scared, but not helpless. I march because I want to demonstrate that I can be scared and brave at the same time. I march to show little girls, including the one I used to be, that they can, despite elections, rejections, attacks, and punishments, do anything.

I march because I just don’t want to stay healthy, I want all women in this country to stay healthy. Especially those who, due to economic disadvantage and poor access to healthcare, are more susceptible to not being healthy. I march because a “pussy” isn’t a grabbable object. It isn’t just there for a man’s sexual pleasure. Goodness knows it’s vilified for ever being a part of a woman’s sexual pleasure. It is not something that in one breath you can desire and in the next take away safe, affordable care from. It’s a part of the human body that requires medical attention like any other part of you. It’s why you’re here, and it deserves more respect than ignorant, controlling, punishing regulation.

I march because the color of my skin, my ethnicity, and my religious background should not dictate how important my voice is, how privileged I am, or how valued I am. I march among hundreds of thousands of faces that are all beautifully, remarkably different, and all equal.

I march because I’m in mourning. I’m mourning the loss of opportunity, the chance to witness for myself a female Commander in Chief. A female leader. A female President. I don’t know if we will come that close again in my lifetime, so I mourn. And I march. That’s not called losing poorly, it’s called not being beaten.

I march because I was born to a strong woman, who was born to a strong woman, who was born to a strong woman. If they can do things like immigrating to the United States to start a new life, spending a career teaching children with disabilities, and raising two kids alone, the least I can do to honor their gender is take a walk.

I march to show President-elect Trump, his administration, and members of Congress who support him that they do not have my support – or my silence. And if they can start viewing and treating women as equals, as valuable for who we are, not what we look like, as vital for our country to flourish as men are, if they can move from their current, discriminatory mindset toward equality, I will be happy to support them when they get there. Until then, it is our feet that will move in unison in the right direction. That’s what it’s about.

Can you feel the anger and bitterness over the loss of the Election to this person? She openly declares she is in mourning for Hillary's loss.

Below the story in the comments, one woman posted a brilliant statement to Ms. Silver.


If you are marching for equal rights then I will join you just as soon as you point out a right that men have in America that women are denied.

If you are marching for “equality” then you can count me out because “equality” is a vile, destructive, divisive, unobtainable, undesirable Marxist nightmare.

If you are just marching to make a lot of fuss and spew out a lot of infantile PC nonsense about how “strong” and “scared” you are then knock yourself out, but again count me out because I know that most women are not compulsive naval gazers; most of us do not enjoy having petulant public hissy-fits just because some guy made some lewd comment on a bus fifteen years ago. Most of us are a little more grown up than that.

Bravo Svetlana Voreskova...well said and thought out.

Now, lets look at another message. this is from a Retired Navy SEAL.

Can you see the anger and bitterness towards the Liberal Left here?

Back in 1969, I was 14 years old. Just starting to figure some things out. Viet Nam was a war raging somewhere in some swampy country, and our nation was very divided.

Martin Luther King had been assassinated, and cities were burned. Richard Nixon was inaugurated on the 20th, the US-North Viet Nam peace Talks were set to open in Paris. Gold was $47 per ounce, and gas was selling for around $.11 per gallon. My Dad was always buying cars, well they were called cars, most were junk which he fixed up, ran and sold. In 1969 we had a very cool 1964 Ford Galaxy 500. This beauty was turquoise blue with a white top, and yes a 352 V8.

Back then we didn't think that the national split was a thing, it just was something going on.

Now? I don't know. The Left will not accept anything except their will and way. I'm at a loss to define this, except that it is almost a mental block with them.

Look at it, a Presidential change to a Right Wing individual creates such confusion, anger and irrationality. They are similar to Radical Islam in that there is no negotiating with them. Its their way or heads start rolling.

I think that's the hardest thing for Conservative America to grasp, the brutal fact that there is no negotiation with a mental deficient mindset that is more than willing to shut down a city, burn cars and riot over boys in girls bathroom, men marrying each other, thugs getting shot by police...and now a President who promises to protect our nation from illegal immigrants, ISIS and to reform our governments never ending lust for control over our finances and lives.

I get the feeling that we will soon start to go the way of the other countries where civil strife is erupting.

I pray that is not the case. I hope you pray that too.

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Navy91 said...

I'm afraid you may be right. I hope it doesn't come to blows, but I'm not sure it won't after seeing the way the left has behaved since the election.