Monday, July 29, 2019

Vietnam War Warbirds

Vietnam War Warbirds

 F-105 Thunderchief

 F-100 Super Sabre

 Mig-21 Fishbed

 Mig-15 Fagot

 F-4 Phantom

 Huey Cobra


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capt fast said...

the A-1 Skyraider did yeoman service in SEA. the bad guys hated to see them coming over. they would stay for hours on call to deliver. they carried a lot of weapons. I launched one set up for strafing, with four minigun pods under the wings with a bunch of rockets plus the four twenty millimeters in the wings. they were built like a brick shithouse. very stable weapons platform. great big hershey bar of a wing with many many hardpoints and excellent sights. make no mistake, this was a attack aircraft and did it very very well. was not fast but it was steady.