Friday, January 27, 2017

Prepping For A Fight

January 27, 2017

Prepping For A Fight

Its been coming for months. We have watched it, cheered it screamed at it and prayerfully quietly encouraged it. We've seen the Liberal Media sound bites. That soon impact is the clash between the United States and Mexico has brought comments from across the spectrum.

The emotions range from out and out rebellion and hate to siding with President Trump and the deportation crowd.

So, lets review so far.

We've seen this before. Mexicans who live in a shit hole country, under a government that's basically out for themselves, make a bee line for the US and a better life.

If it were a few hundred or thousand, then there would be nothing to see...but we are talking about MILLIONS. If that's not bad enough, the liberal politicians have figured out if they can give government benefits to the illegals, then they will continually vote them back in office.

It's a huge problem.

In 1986 President Ronald Reagan face the same issue. Deja Vu all over again, right? So let's give 3 million illegals amnesty. The thought here was that they would seek citizen status and that would be a good thing for the nation, only it didn't happen. The Mexicans came, worked and sent money back to the motherland, and the cycle repeated itself.

We've institutionalized it, and like any other national sin, we've become used to it. Screw the Irish, the Ukrainians, the Chinese...lets focus on the Mexicans who don't give a shit about law and order.

Once here they now demand the same services as the legal citizens.

Again its the American citizen that get crapped on.

This article from August 2016. Highlight is mine.

WASHINGTON (AP) — For more than a decade, lawmakers have been pointing at their counterparts to take the blame for what just about everyone agrees is a broken immigration system.

Republicans say President Barack Obama’s immigration enforcement policies encourage more people to sneak into the country. Democrats blame Republicans for blocking legislation that would allow people already here to gain legal status and create a path for future, legal immigration.

But whatever specific policies are being fought over now, immigration experts say the problem took root at least 30 years ago, when President Ronald Reagan signed a 1986 immigration law that has become known as the “Reagan Amnesty” and allowed roughly 3 million people in the country illegally to gain legal status.

Immigration laws were overhauled again in 1990 under Republican President George H.W. Bush and again in 1996 under Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Obama has tried in his eight years in office to overhaul them once again, but nothing has passed.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said he will fix the system, build a wall along the border with Mexico and perhaps deport many of the estimated 11 million people living in the country illegally. But this week he has indicated he may back off from that idea.

ABC News: Trump’s Executive Order Could Mean Deportation for 11 Million Illegals

ABC News reports that the illegal immigrant population in the United States could face deportation as a result of the executive order President Donald Trump signed on Wednesday, according to legal experts. A 2014 Pew Research Center study estimated the number of illegals in the U.S. to be at least 11 million.

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So President Trump signed an Executive Order stating:

From ABC News

President Trump's Executive Orders on Immigration Explained

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders Wednesday that call for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and aim to deny federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities that shield undocumented immigrants from deportation. 

The actions could have broad implications for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and set up a potential showdown between the federal government and cities that resist the enforcement of some federal immigration laws. 

Here’s what the orders mean:

About That Wall

The first order, entitled “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements,” is the first concrete step President Trump has taken to deliver on his campaign promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the southern border with Mexico

"Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders," Trump said in remarks at the Department of Homeland Security after signing the order Wednesday. 

The order defines it as a "physical wall or other similarly … impassable physical barrier” and calls for the addition of 5,000 border patrol agents. 

The order does not specify how the wall would be funded, though the White House continues to insist that Mexico would reimburse the United States for the cost, even though U.S. taxpayers would foot the bill upfront. 

The president of Mexico has said that Mexico would not pay. 

Republican congressional leaders said today they will move forward with plans to approve funds for a wall they estimate would cost $12 billion to $15 billion, leaving Trump to “deal with his relations with other countries on that issue and others.” 

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Ok so we have a two-fer. One order which covers the building of the Wall, and the other for dealing with Sanctuary Cities.

Our President is doing exactly what he said he would.

Let's get prepared for this battle. What you can do is to prepare to hear every sob story the media can find. To be honest they will be set up stories so steel your hearts friends, the assault on our heart strings is coming.

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