Sunday, December 18, 2016

China Steals A US Navy Drone

December 18, 2016

China seizes a US Navy Drone

The US has issued a formal request to China to deliver an unmanned underwater drone that was seized in international waters, US officials say.

The Chinese navy seized the US underwater research vessel in the South China Sea on Thursday, the US alleges.

The incident took place just as the USNS Bowditch, an oceanographic survey ship, was about to retrieve it.

The device, dubbed an "ocean glider", was used to test water salinity and temperature, officials say.

The data was part of an unclassified programme to map underwater channels, Pentagon spokesman Capt Jeff Davis told reporters. 

"It was taken" by China, Capt Davis said during a press briefing on Friday.

"The UUV [unmanned underwater vehicle] was lawfully conducting a military survey in the waters of the South China Sea," he added.

"It's a sovereign immune vessel, clearly marked in English not to be removed from the water - that it was US property."

The response from the Chinese 

A Chinese navy ship discovered an "unidentified device" Thursday and was checking on it for the sake of maritime safety, the Global Times quoted the official as saying.

"China has received the U.S. request to return the device, communication is open between the relevant departments of the two sides and I believe this matter will obtain a smooth resolution," the official was quoted as saying.

In a separate report, the paper quoted retired Chinese admiral Yang Yi as saying China considered itself well within its rights to seize the drone.

"If China needs to take it, we'll take it. (America) can't block us," Yang was quoted as saying.

This is the first test of the Trump Administration. How will we put an end to this China attitude that they can and will do anything they please, especially in International waters?

What options does President Elect Trump have? 

The President Elect has made a very big deal about China in his run up to the election win this past November.

Personally, I (not an official Trump Administration) would make it so that getting certain Asian container ships unloaded in the ports will come to a screeching halt.

I would tear apart some containers and search the crap out of everything from China. Make it painful to do business with China

I would write an executive order that moving a business to China, or having Chinese buying American businesses will require a review from an oversight committee...and this will take its sweet time in getting done.

I would also come down HARD on Chinese piracy. If you look at the cases involving piracy, China is a open market for theft. They steal ideas, products, and anything else they choose.

The retailers who are open source vendors for Chinese products will scream bloody murder, so expect some fireworks on Capitol hill as the lobbyists for Wal Mart and the other Chinese vendors do their thing.  

We have to make a stand against China, starting now.  

Now, that being said...we have alot to do on our side of the pond. It's sad that Russia and China can talk down to us about our immorality. We lead the world in pornography and other forms of sexual filth. Hollywood produces sleaze that's shown across the globe. We do this in the name of Free Speech or American Freedom, and it needs to be stopped.

If you are offended by the recent Obama Administrations promotion of LGBTQ issues and make an statement about cross dressing men going into women's bathrooms, then you are some sort of bigot...a neanderthal of sexual times past. How dare you say anything against the god of this nation, abortion. If you do, you run the very real risk of being labeled a women hater...I guess that word is misogynist. But if you are a Muslim country who subjects their women to burkas and beatings, and throws gays off of buildings then that's ok for the feminists of this land, who remain silent over this. 

So yes this could be the pot calling the kettle black, I understand that. I don't like it but I understand it.

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