Monday, June 8, 2009

Ruger MK3 with Brazilian Kingwood

This was something new for me. The Ruger MK 3 Hunter is an excellent and accurate .22. I love banging rounds out with this one.

I cut some Brazilian Kingwood for a set of grips. The MK3 is hard to do as there is so much inletting on the inside which leads to higher than average failures...busted grips.

Anyway this was my first good set and I have too many errors to offer this one for sale.

If you'll notice that the griups are end cuts, which due to the nature of Kingwood are very dark. I have some 1911 grips which are rip cut and have a completely different look. Strange wood.

I am working on some Yucatan Rosewood for another set and will post photos when they are finished.

Kingwood-End Cut-Sold

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