Friday, June 12, 2009

1911 and Bolivian Rosweood

I wanted to post a set of Bolivian Rosewood grips I did for a guy over on the MD Shooters forums. I'm posting a photo of the before 'polishing' and then how they look when assembled.

I have enough of the Bolivian Rosewood left for a couple more sets, but when it's's gone.

I picked up a nice block of Yucatan Rosewood and will do a set for the Ruger MK3 when I get my Haz Mat suit in.

Haz mat suit? Yeah, that and an asbestos quality respirator. My body reacted violently from a build up of Rosewood particle dust, and that put me in the Emergency Room last Saturday evening. My woodworking buddies have all had similar experiences with various types of exotic wood particle dust, so I can attest that making gun grips has it's hazards.

Bolivian Rosewood--SOLD
Grip Set #002

(Before Polishing)

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