Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Recap In Crazy Land

January 29, 2017

A Recap In Crazy Land

Last week we had two protest marches on Washington DC. The first was from the liberal womens side.

In watching the interviews of these women, who are identified by their pink cat eared (cat ears symbolizing a 'pussy') hats, the women cannot really say what they are protesting against.

Usually when you protest, you have something you protest against. In my day it was the Viet Nam war. Then we had women protest by burning their bras. It was a sexual protest against lack of birth control which morphed onto the Rowe v. Wade abortion law.

We've killed over 50 million babies since. But I digress.

The second protest this week was more of a march. It was the Right To Life March

'Life is winning': Pence fired up March for Life crowd

Vice President Mike Pence fired up the crowd at Friday's March for Life in Washington, telling the pro-life throng their movement is succeeding.

"Life is winning in America and today is a celebration in that progress," Pence said at the Washington Monument, before the march stepped off just after noon. "We’ve come to a historic moment in the cause of life and we must approach it with with compassion for every American. Life is winning in America because of you.

"Let this movement be known for love," he added to thunderous applause. "Not anger. For compassion. Not confrontation."

The 43rd annual event was the third major event in the nation’s capital this week, and drew activists from around the country. There was no immediate estimate of the crowd size.

In addition to Pence, speakers included key adviser to President Trump Kellyanne Conway, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and others.

Participants told Fox News getting to the event was a must.

“There is no more important issue for me," said Amanda Fowley, 33, who traveled with her husband from Rhode Island and has attended every year since she was 13.

And the liberal Snowflakes say:

Now you'd think that all this anger and bitterness would be divisive to our nation as a whole.

You are right.

There has been so much going on this week that its almost impossible for me to keep up with it, and to live my own life. Its a tsunami of kept campaign promises.


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