Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey Associated Press Reporters...Hows That 1st Amendment Guarantee Working Out For You?

To ALL reporters, I so want to say "I told you so!" But you know its not polite, ahhh screw politeness...

You guys have sucked Obamas lower lip and mewed in his ear every time he's around. Each and every legitimate issue with his administration, is ignored by you. It seems you fall over yourselves to be in his grace, that you IGNORE whats happening to the OTHER 300 million regular people in this country.

Please review your sources for;

1. The correct unemployment figures

2. The true costs and perils of Obamacare

3. Past thefts of funds from the early administration years regarding the auto industry and their preferred stocks.

4. The murder of our Ambassador to Libya and three others patriots.

5. The FBI's gathering phone records on you, and others.

Anything missing? Yeah I know....tons.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe ONE mainstream news organization will FINALLY  get caught doing an act of journalism?

Somehow your track record over the past four years leaves me in doubt.

Keep this in mind, Dancing with the devil only lasts as long as the devil wants it too.

Your time is up...now lets see you start doing your job. There are 300 million folks waiting.

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