Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Art-Update 04/30/15

After painting some flowers on my sign projects, I found out that I like painting.

So, I'm trying my hand out with acrylics, and small stuff.

I'll post these as I finish them.

Comments are welcomed

Blue Daisy
6"x 6"

Lady Bug on Grass
6"x 6"

5" x 7"
This painting is from a photo made by Cynthia Phillips. The flower is a cosmos.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Simple Sign

This was the other portion of the sign I made in my earlier post.

Simplicity is the order here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making A Sign from Pallet Wood

Making a Sign from Pallet Wood

Its my hope to help you with this project. Each sign is about a days work, which you can spread out over time.

I started out by taking my reciprocating saw, some people call them 'Sawzall's'. Thats not a correct name and would be like calling a facial tissue 'Kleenex'. Anyway I find that the reciprocating saw works best for removing boards from the pallet. Ive made other signs using larger pieces of wood from pallets, something like this:

However for this I wanted to do something different. My original intent was to make a 12-14" square wood base with stenciling and paint something on it to give some pop. Well, it didn't work out that way. First of all I had never painted before so, that was new. Then I didn't know what finish to go with.

A couple of months ago I read a story about using vinegar and steel wool to age wood. The story specifically said that the vinegar would change color as the solution developed. Mine didn't. I used a quart Ball jar and the solution was as clear as water. So, I didn't bother with it.

Fast forward and now I had some fresh boards, which you could tell were fresh. So I decided to use this vinegar, and had no hope that it would work. I was so wrong, it worked beautifully.

Ok, so here's the process so far. I took 3 14"scrap boards, and joined them using a doweling jig and 5/16th's dowels, and Titebond wood glue. When the glue dried, I power sanded using a belt sander and a hand sander.

Next I applied the vinegar solution and let it dry.

Next I changed my I decided that I could make something different, so I planned on cutting the original board in two. I also decided that I would whitewash the finish.

The whitewash was simply a white paint I used from Home Depot. I took a couple a couple table spoons and added water to make a runny slurry. Taking a old small piece of rag I washed the board, then wiped it down. I did this twice and the finish turned out great.

Now for the moment of truth. I bought some acrylic paints and started learning how to paint. The font I used for the lettering is called Papyrus.

Hope this can help you with  project.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Proud to be an "N"

When the ISIS murderers started their attacks on Christians last year, they would identify a Christian home or business with the Islamic letter N. Which if you didn't know, stands for Nazarene. That is where the Lord Jesus hailed from, Nazareth.

Feel free to use this image if you are a Christ follower and oppose the Muslim agenda.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Revelation The Last Days

So on History Channel is a two part series called Revelation, The Last Days.

Lately there have been so many programs on the final time that we here on Earth are facing. Even if you don't believe in God, you cannot deny that everything is changing. Some feel that things are getting worse, and some feel that everything is getting better.

God's viewpoint is that of Good vs Evil. The End of Days.

Im not going to be too critical of History Channel for this, there are some major omissions, but from their "media standpoint". The biggest thing I see is that they use the Bible to portray their show, and kudos to them for that, but they miss the real reason of "Revelation".

Revelation means Unveiling. This is the Unveiling of Jesus Christ. Gods judgement on sinful unbelieving mankind and the bringing forth of the New World and our new King.

Sounds fearful, weird, horrible and strange to those do not have a faith and belief in Jesus Christ. That doesn't diminish the truth one whit.

The entire Bible funnels down to this Unveiling....believe it or it comes.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Its another New Year. 2015 to be exact, and I have the feeling that this year will be more than we can keep up with.

Im going to redo this blog and add things that are more Christ centered, and home centered.

So...lets get started.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Building Milk Crate Grow Containers

Here is my problem. I don't have all the gardening grow areas I would like. The ones I do have, dont get the proper amount of sun/shade that I would like.


Build growing containers.

I saw a cooking show where a restaurant in New York City did that, and converted an entire roof top into a modular grow area. Cool idea.

My idea is to use 4 or 5 milk crates to grow salad vegetables. If this works, then I'll expand into larger containers. Specifically I'd like to use 5 gallon paint buckets for tomatoes, broccoli and the like.

Here is how I did the milk crates.

You'll need a few things first. Obviously you'll need some milk crates. I had a couple of varying sizes, and had to buy a couple. Make sure that the crates have holes on the bottom. If the bottom is solid, then punch a few holes with a drill.

You'll also need a roll of landscape cloth, also known as weed barrier. The 36" size is perfect. I got a 36" by 50' for about $10.00 from Home Depot. After doing 4 containers, Ive got enough left over to do another 20 or so.

You'll also need a desktop stapler and a staple gun with 3/8" staples. Finally a good pair of scissors and a pair of pliers or cutters.

First thing is to mark off the size, this is no different than wrapping a gift. Make sure you hae enough to reach the top of both sides, and then make your cut.


After you make the first cut, then make four cuts up to the base of the crate.

You want to fold the ends together and then using the desk stapler, secure the ends together, again, like you would with gift wrap on a present. You are doing this on the "outside" of the milk crate. Once you have this done on all sides, then gently remove and insert into the crate. Now take the hand held staple gun and secure on the inside. Be cautious as the staples will poke through the crate and are pretty sharp. Once the inside is secure, take your pliers and mash down the exposed ends of the staples. Don't cut them as they will help to anchor down the cloth.  


When you're finished it should look something like this. Now just add potting soil, some fertilizer and whatever you've decided to plant.

I'm starting off with two types of lettuce, carrot, two types of radish and spinach. I'm hoping this will give enough "salad" produce for our family.