Sunday, August 13, 2017

Politics and Violence

August 13, 2017

Who Really Cares?

As I sit here, it's Sunday morning. I've had a couple cups of coffee, my son and daughter are sleeping, we are now past the time of making church service on time...another typical Sunday day.

The news services this morning are doing their boringly typical anti-Trump hate screed again. The Washington com-Post's lead story is (drum roll please) 

Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them.


Again, its more of the same. There is a surge in violence right now in this nation. The violence is PURELY POLITICAL in nature.


If you would insert the 'same ole same ole' gun violence of Chicago and Baltimore, most people would quietly roll their eyes and say "Who gives a shit?" And really, who does give a shit? 


I know I don't. 


The thugs in Baltimore and Chicago are killing each other over turf and drugs. That's been going on since the 50's in the slums of New York City, if you are looking purely at ethnic violence. Now if you factor in the Italian/Irish immigrant violence, You know, the Mob/Mafia etc, then this has been going on for a lot longer.


So, who cares?


Have we all become so accustomed to the killings that it just doesn't mean much any longer? Has the Justice system in this nation become a Lock 'em up-Throw away the key, lets build more prisons type thing? 


So, now the violence has turned political in nature.


Predictably so.


It is understandable that if you have a belief system in where your 'god' is politics. Then you will fight, bleed and die for your 'god.'


If your 'god' is nature, then you might hang yourself in a redwood and dare the loggers to cut it down, or maybe pound in spikes so the mill workers can eviscerate themselves when they go to work.


Is your 'god' one without any borders or restraints? Then protesting a barrier along the US southern border may be a good thing to get killed for. I mean why would anyone put up a barrier for anything?


Unless that barrier is on the border of a forest, then we need barriers so as to keep these pesky humans, not just 'humans', but white Euro-centric humans out of the land. 


This is where we as a nation have come. 


It's not a pretty picture. 


A day or so ago, a protest for/against whatever the soup du jour of the day is/was, happened in Charlottesville Va.


I don't know the intimate details, and I don't really's political and smacks of Liberal/Right clashes. Which I find terribly juvenile and boring. So a guy drives his car into a crowd, kills one and injures plenty. And...he didn't yell 'Allah Akbar.' Fancy that.


So what's the cure?


Is it Gun Control?

Is it Global Warming actions?

Is it more effective Race Awareness?

Is it Get Rid of President Trump?

Is it Russia?

Our national symptoms are, increased violence, lack of respect for each other-our nation-our standards, increased drug usage (indicates a tangible withdrawal from society) 

The Rx is God thru Jesus Christ. This also means that our history as Americans needs to be revisited and studied. our nation was founded on Christian principles. The founding documents state that each man is a creation of God, and that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is our core . Our history wasn't pretty nor perfect...and there was violence. 

However, this won't mean much to those who out of hand reject God and what HE offers to each of us.

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