Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving

November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving...a time for stretchy pants and leftovers

Its now 0400 and I am in my happy place. I've been up for an hour, made my strong freshly ground coffee with my Danish Technivorm coffee maker, read Matthew Chapter 14, prayerfully am still totally amazed how Jesus could feed over 10,000 people with just a few loaves of bread and some small fish...all of this after his cousin John was beheaded. I don't see that I would have been that gracious.

Yesterdays meal was over the top and I pulled it off without a hitch, thank you God! My digital thermometer went bonkers, so I had to go by time and feel with the turkey. If was a fear that this bird wouldn't have been thoroughly cooked, but it was. Here's a hint for next Thanksgiving. Those .39 a pound frozen rock solid turkeys, with a 3-4 day defrost AND a 18-24 brine, are NO DIFFERENT tasting than a fresh 1.29 a pound bird. We had a 24 pound bird that was flavorful, juicy and tender.

Blue thoughts are they are good for certain situations. For a married couple who both work and want something different, good stuff. Also they will have you cooking things that you normally wouldn't use, and the eye-opening experience of have strange things explode flavor into your palates, is super cool.

Our new flavors are Butternut Squash, Persimmons and pickled onions.

I really feel for those who had family members who were so bent out of shape over the recent elections that it effected their holiday celebration.

It used to be that way with my Dad. My Pops was a Union Machinist, and a staunch Democrat from the word go. I grew up rebelling against that system and became an Independent voter and thinker. However, every year we delicately tred around politics. Both my Mom and I were "Born-Again Christians" and conservative in our ways, so naturally there was conflict not only during Thanksgiving, but during a political season.

My Dad, although a Democrat, would have hated this Democrat party. He was certainly old-school, and I miss him so very much. My Pops came to know the Savior later in life and I have no doubt that I'll get to see him again.

Change of subject....

I started doing some leather work recently. In doing so I found that I like it. So I decided to do some Christmas gifts. My first gift is a suede pencil roll for my daughters artist best friend, and the second is a lambskin bag for my daughter.

I found out real quick that you cant decently hand stitch soft leathers. They just flop around too much. A machine is required and with a machine comes sewing lessons on how to use the thing...ok So yesterday spend a few hours trying my best to CALMLY thread and use my new Janome machine on practice cloth, and I did...yeah!!!

Today I start leather.

Since Ive gone down this road, Ive had many thoughts on how I can use this machine to make stuff that might be useful to a gun toting, truck driving, Bible reading man or woman.

My daughter Jaden put a seed in my brain. She told me yesterday that she was followed by a strange guy as she was checking into a motel. Now Jaden is a pharmacist and has a pistol carry permit in Oregon. I asked her where her pistol was, and "I left it at home". That'll do you no good.

So Im thinking how about a nice leather hand bag with a built in holster? 

Im still pondering the possibilities.

Your thoughts?

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