Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One Step Closer

November 29, 2016

One Step Closer....

I guess its almost like we have to live our lives in denial if we are to maintain any semblance of normalcy. I mean, how involved in world events do we need to be to live a peaceful life?

Think about that for a minute. Who of us wakes up in the morning and prepares for a day of war, hunger, disease, political turmoil or international deception?

When I say "Us" I mean those numerically few folk who actually read this blog. I am not saying that we are special or protected or different...we are just not actively involved in the worlds horrors right now. I believe that will soon change.

This week something happened, which the folks who are watching, knew would take place. That is, ISIS has gotten to the Northern Israeli border and made an attack on Israel. Israel responded in the way Israel responds, aircraft blowing up the truck and killing the 4 ISIS thugs. 

To someone just taking a casual read of the news, we would give a fist pump and cheer on Israel.

However, there's much, much more to this and Id like to work through it with you.

First of all this Syria thing doesn't make much sense. I mean you have a country where the leader is being targeted by the US to be removed. Long gone are the days when our country would help nations by putting in water systems, establishing hospitals or generally being a help. No, we have made it our policy that either you accept our brand of lifestyle/politics or we will remove you...even if it means we will actively foment civil war in your country and kill hundreds of thousands of your people.

Sound far fetched? The stuff of fiction writers?

Thank you WikiLeaks.

Ok so lets take a step back. The major players in the Islamic thughood are Shiite and Sunni. Make no mistake about it, they HATE each other. Hate is bred into their souls from birth...its what they know and they dont care as it is their 'Honor' to hate their enemies.

Shiite are Saudis, Qataris, Indonesians....and are about 85% of total muslim population.

Sunni's are Iraninans...and are about 15% of muslim population.

A WikiLeaks email from the Clinton camp stated that the 'Government of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, our supposed "allies and friends" are funding ISIS directly. Let that sink in for a minute. ISIS is being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Yeah the very people we went to war to protect are guilty of murdering thousands and thousands of people in a very brutal way. Heads hacked off? Burned alive? Sex Slaves? All funded by the Saudis and Qataris.

President Obama is as guilty as sin in this matter. It was his inability to lead in the Middle East and subsequent turning our backs on the people we recently died over...and handed them all over to this group. His bowing down to the Saudi king at the start of his Presidency was a slap to the face of every American.

Its stuff like this that makes my blood boil...but I know that this is not who we really are. I know that the majority of our people are proponents of the good and not the evil.

Ok so we know the divisions...Lets now look at why ISIS attacking Israel is so important.

Im posting a map to make it easier to understand.

Ok so lets look at a couple of areas that are important. First of all, notice that small area in northern Israel next to the Lake Tiberias, or as we Christians know it as the Sea of Galilee. The map reads, Golan Heights. This is important because this strip of land is vital to Israel's security. It is the high ground, if you hold it you can defend...if you lose it, everything below you is ripe for any and all artillery.

The Golan is also important because of one other thing...oil. Israel discovered a couple of years ago, the largest deposits of oil sands ever...ever.

Now, there is one country who totally covets oil, that is Russia. Russia has oil and natural gas, but because it is so hard to get to, its expensive. Russia also uses oil and natural gas to control those nations they supply...namely Europe.

So now, we have this tin pot dictator who rules brutally, that is Bashar al-Assad. This guy has stood up to the rebellion in his country, one that we probably had our hands in. He needs help, and along comes Putin and Russia.

The Russians desperately want and covet a warm water port...so they have been now given carte blanche from the port at Latakia. Look this up on the map...its important.

Now, Russia moved in and set up camp in a permanent way...they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Part of this permanence is their very good air defense systems. After all Russia has enemies. The system Russia installed at Latakia is their S-400 Triumpf anti aircraft missile system. The video below explains what this system is.

Notice the effective range of the radar and of the missiles. 400 Kms for the missiles and 600Kms for the radar. If you draw a line down from Latakia, due south...Jerusalem is 420 Kms. In other words, every time a jet lands or takes off in Israel, they are in the crosshairs of this missile system.

Lets put this in perspective. Lets say that Mexico wants to protect a military base near the US border. They install a S400 and it covers all the way to Phoenix Arizona or Dallas Texas....how do you think that would sit with us?

So Israel attacks a ISIS group near the Golan Heights...and a Russian radar technician is watching on a screen, his finger near the fire button.

Yes...one step closer.

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