Monday, April 29, 2013

Now Im Excited...and Ticked Off At The Same Time

If you'll notice on the left side of this blog, (crap I just realized what I said...ugh) Ok, on the opposite side of the right, not much better.

OK, on the cookie hand side of Guncraft, and NOT the milk hand side of the same blog (better?) You'll see a link to Max Velocities blog, of the same name. Whew, so much dancing around a simple sentence.

So, today I received my copy of Max's book Patriot Dawn. I'm really excited about not only reading this, but doing a book report for you all. Stay tuned. 

That was the excited for the (ahem) ticked off me. I mean why should I be surprised at this:

WV Senator Joe Manchin plans to reintroduce gun control bill

 The rest of the story here


Whats with these guys? They spend millions to get elected by the salt of the earth public in West By GOD Virginia...and before his first year is up, hes screwing EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER over in his home state. 

Yeah they are still pandering the same horse crap over and over....gun show loopholes blah blah. 

Its about eliminating see, the govt is afraid of their serfs...and will manipulate ANYONE standing up to their plans and designs.

Get your mind wrapped around this folks...its coming.

By the way, if you like what you've seen so far from me, then pass my site along to others. Thanks in advance.

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