Sunday, November 20, 2016

What Do We Know?

November 20, 2016

The past week is just that, past.

We have had 10 days to revel in the hopes of the next 4 years. We are seeing the promises made during this bitter campaign being kept.

We have all heard the crying and lamenting from the Liberal Left. We have seen the MSM (Main Stream Media) promote stories comparing President Elect Donald Trump to Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and yes Satan himself. 

The MSM is guilty beyond measure. If the Liberal Lefties wanted to look at someone to blame, look no further than the Media. The Media, said with all of their authority, over and over, that Hillary was going to win. Why would the LL (Liberal Left) not believe them?

For those of us who claim our God, we KNOW that this election is merely temporary. It is a beautiful sunny day between storms. Gods grace is so beautifully evident and so uncalled for that to claim otherwise is as blind as the LL and MSM.

Lets look at the evidence;

God told His Prophets to pass a message along to the nation Israel. That message was this; due to the nations rejection of God, and their disobedience, He was going to scatter the people around the world and remove the nation Israel from the land. Bad news for Israel, yet God gave them opportunity after opportunity to repent or turn back towards Him, they refused and God kept His promise.

Israel ceased to exist after approx 100 A.D. However, Gods second part of His promise was that He would re-gather His children Israel, after their punishment.

About 600 years before Jesus came, God showed a Prophet Ezekiel a message, a vision of the future. This vision showed God miraculously breathing life back to a wasted nation, a deserted land, and breathing life back to a lifeless people. Read Ezekiel 36 -38

For almost 2,000 years the message of God was given to the Gentiles. A Gentile is a non-Jew, and is not broken down into the classifications we like to use. If you aren't Jewish then you are a Gentile. The Gentiles were tasked to spread the Word of forgiveness and new life in Christ. However, we were told that our time, the time of the Gentiles, is temporary.

You see, God is not finished with the Jew, quite the opposite.

1948 saw Israel become a nation again. If anyone says there is no God, just point them to this one miraculous well prophesied fact, the nation of Israel.

God says in exquisite detail, HOW the world will look at the time of the end. Israel will be back into the land, He will draw Jews from all over the world back to Israel, He will restore their original language, He will make the desert bloom and prepare the land for this massive influx of people.

This is happening now, we are witnesses to Gods fulfilled promise.

We are also going to witness Gods judgment of the nations that have oppressed, harassed and harmed Israel. In Ezekiel ch 38, God details this future battle between Russia, Iran, Turkey and a few others versus Israel.

Ezekiel Ch 38 is the next big event. God says He will take them all out, and it will be evident it was Him and not Israel. Personally my heart is heavy for those millions and millions of peoples who are fighting against Almighty God and His chosen people Israel.

That hasn't changed from our recent elections. I think we all could have seen that event taking place any day. But thankfully, prayerfully, and mercifully is may be postponed for a brief heavenly minute. But make no mistake it will happen.

Please make your peace with God. He is not accepting any other peace offer than thru His Son Jesus. Jesus paid the price we all owe. All you have to do is accept it.


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