Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Left Meltdown. Now They Claim Jesus Is Against Trump

Nov 19, 2016

10 years ago, our daughter Abigail had a problem. This problem was so dramatic, that it effected our families dynamic during certain times

I'll explain. My daughter, who pranced around everywhere she went, and was the total focus of attention. Abigail could not go anywhere unless she was dressed to the 9's. For the most part my wife and I loved how she was showing her independence in dress.

However there was a time where, we experienced a total meltdown. This happened whenever we played games. If we played Candyland, or card games or any other games...if Abby did not win, she came unhinged and completely unreasonable.

My wife and I have never witnessed anything like this. It became so bad that games ceased to exist in our family for the next 10 years. Now things have changed since she has gotten older and more mature.

I was thinking that this is the same phenomena as what the Liberal left is going thru with President Elect Trumps victory. The crying, chest beating, nonrational elaborations, and general depressions are what a 5 year old who didnt get her way experience.

This article proves my point;

The author is comparing President Trumps win as a horror to the millions of Christians who voted enthusiastically for Donald Trump.

This is typical of the liberal Left who view The Lord Jesus as a cosmic Santa Type who has nothing harsh to say to anyone and accepts everyone and everything as long as you are happy.

Its this sickening sweet saccharine false doctrine that where you'll stand for anything, except what The Lord Himself has said in His Word The Bible.

I challenge the Liberals who are now questioning everything to open the Bible and read for yourselves exactly what Jesus DID SAY. Find the verses where Jesus endorsed lawlessness, where He promoted abortion, where he encouraged drug use, welcomed and endorsed homosexuality and when all else failed, rioted.

I'll be interested in knowing what your Biblical stance is. I'll post this on Salon and give the author an opportunity to elaborate.

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