Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The talking heads...and legs (as in Fox News case), are all talking about "Trust".

Trust being what the American people feel towards their government.

They all seem flummoxed that the "Trust Level" is dropping with the American people. You're kidding right?

I lived through the Kennedy assassinations, both of them, and that was a very very tough time for our country. We pulled through. It wasn't easy but we did. We didn't mistrust the government.

Viet Nam was another sore point in our history. We didn't have the depth of mistrust comparatively as we do now.

I don't think Ive seen a political administration as incompetent as what we have in place now...or are they?  I mean are these guys stupid or is it part of a larger plan?

I guess that its pretty much a moot point. The facts are we have a government that is becoming more and more tyrannical every day. The pressure on us, the civilian population, is growing daily...as are the scandals from the Obama administration.

If you haven't started prepping for that future...start NOW.

Set your goal of enough food for you and your family for three days. Once you have three days, then step up to seven days...then a month and so on. Make prepping a part of your daily life and routine.

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