Sunday, November 27, 2016

Using The Bible To Further Your Own Agenda

November 27, 2016

Using the Bible to further your own agenda.

Every day I receive a blast from Google on topics I have deemed important enough to highlight. Its a good way for me to have news articles based on Key words sent to me. One of those key words is 'Bible'

You would be amazed at the articles floating around the electronic universe with 'Bible' in the headlines.

After a couple of years of articles, its become very obvious that The Bible is used by both 'Liberal Left' and 'Conservative Right' to prove their points, justify their thoughts and actions, to bash those on the opposite end of the Scripture verse...and generally to make themselves sound more important than they really are.

Lets look at some of these headlines of articles or blogs from some of the websites;

7 Top Bible Verses about Immigration (This author has many articles called the 7 Best or 7 Most popular etc) This particular article will use the Bible to lead one to believe that ALL Immigration is to be protected. What the author fails miserably to say is that our nation has some of the best opportunities for Immigrants. If you are to take the author seriously, you'd be made to feel guilty for opposing "Illegal Immigration". Lets ask the Europeans how thats working for them...who are battling a massive crime waves from "Legal Immigration" Do you think God would approve of this? However, you do not see ANY Bible verses from this author concerning rape, robbery or murder.

The majority of the "news" I receive from Google on Keyword Bible comes from sites such as Patheos. This site bills itself as Hosting the Conversation on Faith. In examining some of the subsections, you'd think they were the ones who created the bumper sticker you usually see on Toyota Prius's "Coexist" The Blog areas are identified as; Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, Progressive, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Athiest...yeah I guess Athiesm is now identified as a faith.

I am working my way through the Progressive Christian Channel. I don't agree with Progressives in 99% of what they preach, teach or how they rule. If we didn't have 8 years of Progressive leadership in Washington DC, it might be different. However, now that I've seen Progressives up close and personal, they hold nothing for me or other Conservative Christians. I find it difficult to side up to 'Christians', Progressive or Conservative, who knowingly take the Bible and its teachings and then exclude the teachings and examples that they find 'inconvenient' or not fitting into their personal or public narrative.


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